Production Skills MGR 15203

2min Film Project

For this short movie assignment, I chose my father Mr. Hossein Khosrojerdi who is Iranian painter, and I want to showing his new Painting style,

At first, I made an appointment for speak with my father about his biography and make it more summarized for this short movie. As there are lots of information about my father’s biography, I have tried to drag and provide as useful as possible information and present them in simpler and more understandable way for my project so that it can be easier for audience to connect with the story and obtain a remarkable summary.

Hossein Khosrojerdi Biography

My name is Hossein Khosrojerdi. I was born in 1957 in Tehran.

I’m a graduate from Tehran University of Fine Arts.

In adherent with the people’s revolution against the regime, I created art which was representing my own ideas and beliefs at the time.

Since mid 1980s, and after I took new beliefs on humanism,

my work went under a transformation by removing elements of space and time.

On 2001 I started to used photography and digital graphics in order to speed up the process of creation.

Since I have left Iran and have started to live in London, I have been experiencing a big change of theme in my work.

Now my mind is flaunting in a mass of tangled lines in search of my own dream. It feels like that for every black mark which was left on me during the ages, I’m making a black mark on each line that I’m drawing. I have liberated these line to go freely and find their own path, although they may become a little unfaithful to the rules of painting, during their ebb and flow.

They are heading right for the realm in which my imagination is working with its improvising instrument to unite geometry with architecture, sculpture and painting.

Secondly I was required to have a material which were his painting from the duration which he had started studying in university of Tehran until now in London. So I captured and selected the numbers of his artwork for my project and made it as a separated category.

At the next step I have started to brainstorm the idea about what kind of equipment’s are needed and how these objects will work on combination in order to harmonize and orchestrate my way of telling story in this short movie.

I contacted to one of Friend to find out what kind of equipment they have and the suitability of them matching my project. Canon 5D Mark II camera + Canon EF 24-105mm Lens + Lime lite Mosaic Solo LED Light, ZOOM H6 sound recorder and Sennheiser SK500 G3 radio-microphone and Monopod for camera which were available at the time I believed met the standards for my project so I borrowed them to go forward with the task.