Information Graphic (First Project)

Information Graphics MGR15204 

Ten Facts about Cheese

  1. Greece have the highest cheese consumption in the world per capita, averaging 27.3 kilograms per person.
  2. Remains of cheese has been found in Egyptian tombs over 4000 years old.
  3. Cheese production worldwide is more than the combined world production of tea, coffee, tobacco and cocoa beans.
  4. There are more than 2000 varieties of cheese available worldwide, mozzarella is the most popular.
  5. Cheese develops the optimal flavor and texture when served at room temperature.
  6. It takes around 10 liters of milk to make 1 kilogram of hard cheese.
  7. Cheese can be produced using cow, goat, buffalo, horse and camel milk.
  8. Pizza Hut uses about 140 million kilograms of cheese per year.
  9. Some cheeses are stored for one year or longer before they are ready to eat.
  10. Some ancient Roman houses had a special kitchen, called a careale, just for making cheese.

Information Graphic (Second Project)


Many innocent Syrian children refugees are victims of Syrian (Bashar Assad) Regime. Children are being victimized by the hand of politicians. And these days they don’t have food and also they don’t have a place to live in. Many of them lose their parents and face a lot of violence. For this reason, I chose to the topic of refugee crisis, because they are thousands of refugee children in Europe.

For this project I want to create narrative According to Todorov’s theory.
Todorov’s theory is one of the important theories of classic Hollywood Cinema narrative and also these days we can see a lot of Hollywood movies following this theory for movie narratives.