Creative Collaboration  (Project One)

5 min video for VW Beetle

Creative Collaboration C14202

Creative Collaboration Project One

5 min video for VW Beetle

Volkswagen Beetle is one of the iconic German cars. The first generation of the car is made in 1945 after World War II. Volkswagen car company is creating the Beetle with a different shape, and technology these days. For the 5-minute video production, we chose this car which was presented as one of the iconic cars in the world. After discussing with the team (Motion Graphic team and digital television), final concussion for the structure of the project was reached, that we will require motion graphics for the title sequence, the blueprint of the car, VW Beetle 3D design and lower third. I accepted to make the 3D design for the video which will include the lower third and also create the motion graphic design for all three generation of the car.

WV  Das Auto Project one report 

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Design For Billboards Advertising For Project

Creative Collaboration (Project Two)

Music Video 

Band: sky between leaves

Music: Shell Beach

Band Website:

Music Video Idea

The band inspired from the dark city movie (1998) to creating the track.

The pilot of the movie is John Murdoch the character of the movie struggles with

memories of his past, including a wife he cannot remember, in a nightmarish world with

no sun.

The character of the music video running away from the Dark Society and try to find

shell Beach to remember his past,

Music Video Proposal 

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